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Dennis - Let's Call That Denial

Tomorrow marks one month into the TC Health Club Challenge. The workouts are 3 times per week at the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre with my personal trainer Kevin Clarke.

Tomorrow marks one month into the TC Health Club Challenge. The workouts are 3 times per week at the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre with my personal trainer Kevin Clarke. Heather Dueck with Pure Nutrition Consulting has provided me with a customized food plan that I am faithfully following. I’m learning to plan my meals and workouts around my hectic schedule as a full-time Realtor with DFH Real Estate. I am happy and proud to say the results are coming.

I meet Kevin 3 times a week for 1 hour of training at Crystal Pool. Monday is big muscle day where I am doing squats, dead lift, bench press and lat pull downs. I start with a 5 min warm up on the bike and stretch, hit the weight room and then finish with 15 mins on the treadmill. Wednesday is a 1 hour cardio day. We do 3 sets of; bike/treadmill, planks, push ups and finish with 15 on the treadmill. Friday is 1 hour small muscle day, body squats, shoulder press, lat pull downs, lat rows and biceps followed by 15 on the treadmill. The workouts are hard but only for an hour. I can do 1 hour. I was tired before my workout yesterday and I probably would have ditched it but I knew Kevin was going to be there. I had to go. Having Kevin there each time means I am going to show up and I will be getting a good and safe workout. Once in the gym I feel that inner drive to push myself. I have had gains in all my workouts so far. I’ve posted all of my workouts and the weights and times on my website at

The food plan is a little more difficult than I thought but not for the reason I initially thought. After my initial consultation, Heather provided me with a 7 day meal plan complete with snacks, a nutritional summary, a long list of substitute foods if I want to change it up a bit. Wow, it had everything. Heather customized the plan around the foods I normally like to eat too. Other than a hot dog during the super bowl I haven`t waivered from the plan. My challenge is fitting the snacks and lunches into my schedule. I am getting smarter; yesterday was a typical day in real estate for example, I had a 10 am listing appointment followed by pictures, video and floor plan, a trip to the municipality to check records. I had a snack with me to eat on the way to the municipality. Lunch was on the road too on the way to my 1:30 appointment. And thanks to Ally who had a snack at the office for me (I forgot to plan that snack) before going to my 4 o’clock workout with Kevin. I have had days where bam it`s 2:30 and I haven`t had lunch. That`s not good, I don`t feel good and I turn into an ogre. I need to and must take the time to plan and prepare.

I am pleased to say that I am down 10 pounds and we are 1 month into the TC Health Club Challenge. I`ve developed a mindset that focuses on what I need to do to be successful with this program. I am giving 100% in the gym and my commitment to the food plan has not wavered. I want to be a successful participant in this program. More importantly this is an opportunity for me to become a fit, healthy and active 52 years young man. I have let things slip in the last few years. I always thought I was just a couple of workouts away from recapturing the fitness level of my football playing days with the BC Lions. Let’s call that denial.

Dennis lives in beautiful downtown Victoria with Ally his wife and their little dog Henry. Dennis is a full-time Real Estate Agent with DFH Real Estate. Follow his Health Club Challenges and progress here and on Twitter @dennisdfh.