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Josh Steffler

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Running for which council or school district?


If running for municipal seat, indicate position.




Community where you live


Community where you work


Political experience

I have organized a few political rallies, and I was the riding captain of the Fight HST petition in the Esquimalt riding.

Community involvement

I was the riding captain of the fight HST citizens initiative.

I am a regular participant in the local festivals and celebrations, including the Lantern Festival and the Buccaneer Days.

What are the top three issues?

Light Rail Transit..can we afford it, and do we want a new rail or should we be looking at the E&N?

Policing issues... I believe the people of the community should have had a say on this issue, maybe a referendum would have sufficed?

Sewage treatment plant...again can we afford it? Do the people want it? Is the science fact or political agenda? Do we need to move to secondary treatment?

Why should people vote for you?

I would ask for your vote because I am a sensible person and a strong leader who is dedicated to listening to the citizens of Esquimalt. I have a keen interest in maintaining fiscal accountabiility and not dictating actions to you, but listening to you and asking how you want your tax money spent. I don't belong to any political party so I have no party leaders to give me orders to follow. I believe in asking the people what to do rather then telling them what they are going to do. I believe in local government, not amalgamation, the people of each city are the ones who will make the best decision for their own neighbourhoods. We can work together on issues such as transportation and infrastructure without merging all of our local governments.

What are the best things about your community?

We have a very walkable and accessable community. Our recreation facilities are well staffed and affordable. The people are friendly and kind.

What are the most vexing things about your community?

The traffic snarls during the morning and afternoon rush are a pain. A few crosswalks need lights, but all in all we have it very good in esquimalt.

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