Let wood floor darken

Q: We have had natural hardwood floors for five years. During that time we had a rug under a coffee table. This week we removed the rug and the wood floor was a much lighter colour.

What can we do to have the floor return to its original matching finish?

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A: It probably would involve less work if you just let the area darken to match the floor that was exposed to the sun's UV rays.

I've seen homeowners use bleach to lighten wood floors with some success but I wouldn't do it myself. There are, I am sure, products available on the Internet that might progressively lighten the floor, but most of the solutions I've seen involve refinishing all the floor.

My advice is to leave well enough alone if it isn't hurting anything.

Q: In the early '80s we refinished our basement. We used a foam-backed carpet that was glued to the floor. The carpet has gotten wet and we want to remove it. Any ideas on how to remove the carpet and foam from the cement floor? Is there some type of solution we can use?

A: A solvent and a scraping tool, but wear plenty of protection and make sure the work area is wellventilated. There are products to make the job easier but I don't know what's available in Victoria. I'd head off to the local hardware store for suggestions.

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