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Best to handwash delicate glassware

Q: I have some new wine glasses that I'd like to keep looking like new.

Q: I have some new wine glasses that I'd like to keep looking like new. What is the correct way to wash, handle and store them? If a glass becomes cloudy or smelly, what is the best way to remedy the situation?

A: The best way to keep glassware looking like new is to wash it by hand. It's hard to keep glassware from getting knocked around a little in the dishwasher, and delicate wine glasses are especially vulnerable. Even if the glass doesn't break, it can become scratched or irreversibly etched.

Avoiding the dishwasher should also prevent the cloudiness and odour that can come from residue.

If those become a problem nevertheless, you can clean wine glasses with baking soda, fizzing denture tablets or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, according to Wine Spectator magazine.

Wine Spectator recommends using hot water and as little soap as possible to wash wine glasses, and then rinsing well to remove all residue. Let the glasses dry in a drying rack, or dry with a lint-free towel. Be careful to avoid a twisting motion that could break off the stem.

Store the glasses in a wine-glass rack or upright on a shelf with a little space between them, the magazine recommends. The rim of the glass is the most delicate part, so storing a glass upside down can result in chips.