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Lord of the Dance healed

'Re-balancing' defeats Flatley virus

Irish-American dance master Michael Flatley is back on stage after years of suffering from a "mystery virus," thanks to a treatment by an Irish "energy healer," Irish media quoted Flatley as saying.

Flatley, born in the United States in 1958 of Irish heritage, rose to fame as a member of the Riverdance troupe that helped propel Irish dancing into the global spotlight and later opened his own Lord of the Dance show.

He was taken to hospital in London in 2006 with a virus that forced him to cancel the European tour of his Celtic Tiger show, a dramatisation of Ireland's history.

"Conventional medicine failed to cure me from my mystery virus," Flatley told the Irish Independent newspaper.

"And then, by chance, I met a young man from Ireland called Michael O'Doherty who works on the body's energy," Flatley said.

"When he came to visit me in Ireland, I could barely get out of the chair," he said. "He visited me about 10 times afterwards and, now, I feel really good. Great, in fact. I can dance at speed and I'm close to 100 per cent fit again," he added.

According to the clinic's website, the "Plexus System" developed by Michael O'Doherty and Tom Griffin works by "rebalancing the life-force energy within and around the body."

"Einstein concluded that everything is energy and beyond energy is a Supreme Intelligence," the website says. "Within the Plexus System, we have begun to understand the powerful effectiveness of this intelligent life force."

Thanks to the treatment, Flatley has been able to take part in U.S. celebrity dance TV shows and has resumed a strict daily training regimen, the Irish Independent said.