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Def Leppard fans review the concert

(Add your comments below.

(Add your comments below.)

We missed the cover band as it took 90 minutes to get our beverages; something has to be done about that! It took away the initial excitement of the whole experience; I'm speaking on behalf of hundreds of fans! Def was better than when they were here two years ago! We too were disappointed they only played for 90 minutes but hey, sure beats taking the ferry to Vancouver! Cheers....— Lori, VictoriaDef Leppard Rocked Last night - as they always do! I have seen them many, many times and they always put on a great show. Good thing they are ending their tour, Joe's vocals need a break! I loved the old stuff - hearing several High N' Dry tunes just made the show! A bit dissappointed that we didn't get to see Styx, but the whole night was amazing! We will see you guys next time!— SharleneDef Leppard ROCKED last night. It was the third time I have seen them here in Victoria, and everytime is just as good as the last. I liked how the screen focused alot more on the live stuff this time. Last time was mainly their videos. And seeing how amazing Rick Allen is with those drums. Very cool! This time I had the chance to take my eighteen year old daughter for her first concert, and the energy in the arena last night was excellent. I will see them again if we have the honor of them coming back.— Janice, Victoria 

I loved the Def Leppard show so much!It was SO much fun, I couldn't stop dancing!!I saw them the night before in Vancouver, & it too was a great show, but I enjoyed the Victoria show even more (I think the sound at SOFMC is better than it is at GM place), plus it's a much smaller venue & it feels more intimate & close!..I know some people won't agree with me about this... but,  I saw Styx open for Def Leppard in Vancouver the night before they played in Victoria, and I enjoyed Rocko & the Devils more as an opening act than I did Styx.  I thought Rocko & the Devils were a really fun band!I hope Def Leppard comes back to town soon!They said they were putting out a new album very soon, so let's see...Loved it!-- Linda

Def Leppard was fabulous ... as always. Unfortunately Save on Foods Centre management hasn't figured out how to run their facility yet. Where else can you wait 45 minutes to get in the door? And that's just the start of it. When you wait no less than 45 minutes to get a beverage, well....that's just pathetic. When they first opened, I could understand it ... new facility, new management, new staff. But come on folks, it's time to get it together and figure out a way to serve people faster.-- Karen, VictoriaGreetings Victoria! Rocko and the Devils calling. I just wanted to say thank you to all who came to the show, and I hope you had as much fun as we did playing. We are a band made up of members of the road crew, and we are blessed to be working for a band like Def Leppard. Not only are they great musicians, they are wonderful human beings as well. They let us play with them because they know that we feel the same way they do - that the fans are the most important element of the performance. As for the comment that the lady wrote that said we were horrible, we certainly did not intend to ruin her experience at the show. We have had great teachers in how to put on a great show, and I am sorry she felt horribly ripped off. We had a blast, and thanks to Victoria for letting us party with you.Best wishes, until we do it again!!-- Rocko

I thought the show was amazing! I think that the boys still have what it takes. Being a Leppard fan since '83, it was nice to hear all the hits. I love the fact that they even played songs that haven't been performed since the Pyromania Tour.I think Rocko and the Devils, who were asked to fill in on very short notice did a great job! Sure they aren't in the same league as Joe and the boys, being roadies, technicians and such. I enjoyed the loose feel and had a real sense that they were are mates. The singer was killing himself out there, jumping into the crowd no less than three times during the set. He was a real showman.....A brilliant concert overall. I would expect no less.— Derek Paul