Grab some tissues: Jojo Moyes' compelling novel, 'Me Before You,' will move you to tears

"Me Before You" (Pamela Dorman Books), by Jojo Moyes

There are books that you cannot put down. There are also books where you become so invested in the characters, you force yourself to stop reading to prolong the experience because you don't want the story to end, and that's what can happen when you read Jojo Moyes' latest book, "Me Before You."

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The novel follows Louisa Clark, a young woman living an ordinary life in a small English town. She lives with her parents and helps support her family by earning a modest living. She has no dreams or aspirations. She didn't attend college and has never travelled. She has a boyfriend who is obsessed with fitness, and she'll occasionally watch him exercise to show her devotion to him.

Things begin to change when she takes a job as an aide for a quadriplegic named William Traynor, who was paralyzed in a freak accident. Before the accident, he was a corporate raider who loved adventure, culture and women.

They get off to a rocky start, but warm up as they teach each other about living in a different way. Their story doesn't end there, like a TV movie. There are some very real obstacles in the way, and the book isn't a fairytale.

Moyes writes well-developed characters, and it's impossible not to care about them. You'll find yourself laughing, smiling, feeling angry and, yes, crying.

My only suggestion: "Me Before You" should be sold with a pack of tissues.




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