Actor Jon Cryer loses, then finds wedding ring in pouring rain on Vancouver seawall

VANCOUVER — Actor Jon Cryer had good reason to cry.

The actor, known for his time on Two and a Half Men and who currently stars as Lex Luthor on the Vancouver-filmed Supergirl, wrote a dramatic Twitter thread Sunday, explaining how he’d lost his wedding ring over the weekend on the Vancouver seawall — but against all odds and through torrential downpour of rain, managed to find the ring.

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Actor Jon Cryer loses, then finds wedding ring in pouring rain on Vancouver seawall

“I was walking along the seawall headed to meet a few folks from the cast,” he wrote of his Friday evening.

“I pulled my hand out of my pocket and heard a ‘ping!’ to my left. I walked a couple more steps and realized my wedding ring was gone…”

Cryer said he panicked and began searching the pavement but that there was little light left. He said he began getting choked up as he wondered if perhaps the ring, from his marriage to entertainment reporter Lisa Joyner, bounced the opposite direction and into the water.

“My wife and I have been married since 2007 and it’s hard to be away from each other. With quarantine in effect I can’t travel back and forth to see her while I’m shooting. Which sucks spectacularly,” wrote the L.A.-based actor.

“Losing my ring is making the pain more acute.”

Drenched and late to meet friends, Cryer says he left that evening but returned to the same spot on the seawall on Saturday morning to continue his search, but found nothing but a lost pair of glasses. He later listed his lost wedding ring on Craigslist’s lost and found section, prompting an ad to pop up for The Ring Finders.

Ring Finders specialize in searching for rings and other lost valuables.

"In my mind, I'm thinking 'there's a 95 per cent chance it was probably dropped where someone could've seen it'," said Chris Turner, who founded the company in 2009.

Cryer describes thes search with Turner: “We survey the pavement and there’s still no sign. He casually mentions that he’d be happy to come back at low tide with a wetsuit to check out the water. It’s a remarkable offer, but I’d hate for him to have to go to that length when it just seems so unlikely.”

They keep looking. Then Turner “pulls out his phone and says, ‘Hey wait, can I ask you a question?’” Cryer says in his Twitter thread.

“I come over. ‘Sure, what?’ He leans down and grips a wad of grass from the ground. As he pulls a few stray blades from the clump he asks, ‘Is this what your ring looks like?’ He wipes the clump, revealing a glint of silver.”

"This one surprised me," Turner said. "The odds of that ring making it to the grass, not only the grass, the deepest part of the grass ... I was just astonished. I was like 'the gods are on his side for sure.' "

Cryer concludes his Twitter thread with a shoutout to Turner and The Ring Finders network, encouraging people to seek their help if needed.

“He says that @TheRingFinders are all over and they really love doing this for a living because it just makes people so happy,” said Cryer. “And he’s not wrong.”

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