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Vancouver ranks No. 10 for sports bars within a mile of NHL arena

SportingPedia counted 14 such bars in Vancouver – far fewer than the 35 in Detroit
The Vancouver Canucks play at Rogers Arena in downtown Vancouver

Vancouver ranks No. 10 among cities with National Hockey League (NHL) teams for the number of sports bars within a mile of the home team's arena, according to sports news website SportingPedia.

The mile radius was chosen because it is seen to be a reasonable walking distance for fans who want to be in a sports environment before or after the games. 

Here are the top 10 cities with NHL teams ranked by how many sports bars are within a mile walk, with the number of bars in brackets:

No. 1: Detroit (35);
No. 2: Nashville (24);
No. 3: Toronto (21);
No. 4 (tie): Boston (20);
No. 4: (tie) Pittsburgh (20);
No. 6: (tie) New York City (19);
No. 6: (tie) Dallas (19);
No. 8: St. Louis (17);
No. 9: Washington (16); and
No. 10: Vancouver (14).

Given that the NHL has 32 teams, Vancouver's rank is better than most of the cities. 

SportingPedia noted that it used the FreeMapTools website and its Find Places Within Radius functionality to find sports bars in close proximity to arenas.

Its full report is here.

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