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Prosperity Partnership takes helm of ocean innovation hub

Tasked with leading Centre for Ocean Applied Sustainable Technologies through early phases of ocean innovation hub.
The innovation hub is in search of opportunities in the marine economy. TIMES COLONIST

The South Island Prosperity Partnership has been tasked with leading the Centre for Ocean Applied Sustainable Technologies through the early phases of development of the ocean innovation hub.

Over the next two years the ocean innovation hub is expected to solidify funding commitments from the public and private sector, secure a site for the hub and establish shared working space for small companies, develop accelerator programming to establish global market access for local companies and partner with the T’Sou-ke Centre for Sustainability and Innovation to identify shared projects.

The idea behind the innovation hub is to unlock new opportunities in the marine economy and speed up the growth of ocean-based companies.

Emilie de Rosenroll, chief executive of the South Island Prosperity Partnership, has been given that same role for the Centre for Ocean Applied Sustainable Technologies.

“The creation of the COAST innovation hub is a major opportunity for the ocean and marine sectors,” said Alex Rueben, executive director of the Association of B.C. Marine Industries. “We have every confidence in Emilie and the South Island Prosperity Partnership to direct COAST through its initial growth.