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It's time to set a goal as a person and a community

The coal project, no! That seems to be the consensus at the meeting held at Capitol Theatre on Tuesday evening. This meeting was well attended.

The coal project, no!

That seems to be the consensus at the meeting held at Capitol Theatre on Tuesday evening.

This meeting was well attended. We were able to hear from many speakers, not one supported this idea of having coal transported to Port Alberni to be shipped. I thought our city councillors were not at this meeting, but the mayor assured us that they were there. I hoped to hear from our councillors and the mayor, but hey did not take part in the debate.

People care about this city, and it might be said that only the negative people came to the meeting, for the majority of people are for the project.

What are the benefits of this project? Would it help unemployment? Would the truck drivers be chosen from Port Alberni?

How many drivers will be involved? Would the constant flow of trucks attract more people to this valley?

What do the newcomers say drew them to this valley? Would they say this when and if this project dominates this place for the next 20 years?

I was particularly moved by idea of Bruce Avis, from the Town of Qualicum Beach. They voted against this proposal, for it seems to be a step backward, for most people are interested in the greening of the country. This will be a step backward in the quality of life.

He told me that his council puts out a quality of life survey to all members of the community. The main question is, what type of community you want to see in Qualicum.

These ideas are collected, and out of this comes the vision for the community. He has promised to send me a copy of this survey, and I will share it with this community.

We see the president of the United States speaking to the nation on the State of the Union. Here he tells what is happening, and tell the people the vision for the future.

Perhaps we need the state of our community, after having a similar lifestyle survey like Qualicum. We should not be afraid of copying the good ideas of others.

Mr. Avis told us that the province was doing all that they could to make B.C green, and it seems ludicrous to introduce coal into our communities.

What type of community do we want Port Alberni to be in the next 20 years? If we took on this transportation of coal, would we continue to attract people to this paradise on Earth?

I hope that more people will continue to come out to these meetings, and let the councillors listen to the voices of the people. I have been reading a number of good letters to the editor on this topic. May we continue to express our points of view?

Celebrating your goals?

Have you taken time to decide upon your goals?

I have now completed a book entitled "Inspire, What Great Leaders Do." The author is Lance Secretan. He makes a difference between the motivated leader and the inspired leader. He further goes on to say that we are all leaders, and it is our duty to inspire one another.

Here are some questions that he addresses to us. I am going to answer these questions, and I hope you will take time to do the same.

What is my destiny? As a believing Christian, my destiny to love God with all my hear and soul and love my neighbour as myself.

Why am I on Earth? I follow the life of Jesus, who asked us to live a life of love.

How does my life make a difference? By living love, I hope to be an example to all I encounter in my life.

What is the cause? My cause is connected to my destiny. I endeavour to be loving.

How will I be while I am on this Earth? Follow God, for God is love.

What would I stand for? The truth.

Are my aspirations a magnet for passion? I believe that the spirit of God lives in me at all times, and where God is, there is passion.

What is my Calling? To love God, my neighbour and myself every moment of my life on this earth.

What will I do and how will I use my talents and passions to serve? By serving others, I serve God, for as he said in the Bible, I was hungry and your fed me; thirsty and you gave me drink. As often as you do this unto others, you do it unto me. I try to see the face of God in all my brothers and sisters on Earth.

Are my destiny, cause and calling aligned? Yes, my destiny is love, my cause is being a lover, and my calling is doing loving things.

How may I serve you? I try to ask this of people. It makes me think of my favourite commercial.

How may I serve you? I am a member of the Lions Club for their mottos is We Serve.

Am I inspiring others in everything I say and do? I cannot answer this question. Others can let me know the answer.

How about sharing your answers with me. Now that you have examined your goals, you are ready to celebrate Canada Day?

? Winston Joseph has been affectionately called Mr. Positive Port. A retired school teacher with a passionate love for his community and an unshakable faith in its people, he wants to inspire everyone to feel the same.

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