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B.C. Ferries joins Whale Trail


B.C. Ferries is helping to build awareness of local whale species by joining the Whale Trail, a non-profit organization that promotes a series of more than 100 shore-based sites and signs found at locations the public are likely to view marine mammals, from B.C. to Southern California.

The Whale Trail’s stated mission is to inspire appreciation and stewardship of orcas, other marine mammals and the marine environment.

“We work with scientists and whale researchers on a variety of initiatives and joining the Whale Trail is another way our customers can learn about cetaceans in our waters and B.C. Ferries’ ongoing support for research and conservation,” said Corrine Storey, vice-president and chief operating officer.

Interpretive signs have been installed at three ferry terminals — Tsawwassen, Little River in Comox and Langdale on the Sunshine Coast.