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Scofflaw Steveston owl makes off with toque

Richmond man had a weird encounter with wildlife last week.
Eric Kaufmanis' toque was stolen off his head by an owl, but later abandoned.

Eric Kaufmanis was on a walk in Steveston Park recently when – whack – something hit him on the back of the head.

The blow stunned him, but when he turned around to see who had hit him, no one was there.

As it turned out, it was a what, not a who that had hit him.

Turning forward again, he saw an owl flying off carrying the grey toque that had been on his head just second before.

He watched as the owl flew up to the top of the high trees in the park.

Kaufmanis had never heard of birds doing such a thing before, but a quick google search told him it’s not uncommon.

“I found it all fascinating,” he explained. “I had seen the owl (or owls) in the park before but never imagined one stealing the toque off the top of my head.”

The story, as it turned out, had a happy ending.

Kaufmanis returned to the park the next day, and there he found his grey toque on the ground “no worse for wear.”

The owl apparently had no use for it.

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