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'Do you know me?' BC SPCA looking for owners of lost Richmond rabbits

One of the rabbits was found on Boxing Day along Steveston Highway.
Do you recognize these two rabbits currently in BC SPCA Richmond's care?

Did you lose your adorable rabbits? The Richmond Animal Shelter might be the place to call.

BC SPCA Richmond, which runs the shelter, posted photos of two lost rabbits recently found in Richmond.

The first one, a lop rabbit found on Boxing Day near Steveston Highway and Mckenzie Road, has no identification on him and seems to be an intact male.

The second one, which appears to be a lionhead rabbit, was found on Westminster Highway near No. 4 Road and Garden City Lands.

According to BC SPCA, the rabbit has no identification and appears to be a neutered male.

Anyone with information on the rabbits is asked to contact BC SPCA Richmond at 604-277-3100 or [email protected].

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