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'Despicable': Dog shot in chest, found dead in B.C. backcountry

The dog was found on Hill 60 Ridge, a remote area east of Cowichan Lake.

The BC SPCA is investigating after a dog was found dead with a gunshot wound in its chest near Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island. 

A resident of the Shawnigan Lake area made the discovery and notified the group Find Lost and Escaped Dogs Vancouver Island (FLED) on May 8. 

A FLED volunteer located the dead dog in the remote mountain range of Hill 60 Ridge, east of Cowichan Lake. 

“He had one gunshot to his chest that was very noticeable,” says a FLED spokesperson. 

Getting to Hill 60 Ridge requires a nearly 14-kilometre hike that takes more than five hours. 

Eileen Drever, B.C. SPCA’s senior officer, told Glacier Media the non-profit is investigating. 

“Our animal protection officer was sending the body for a necropsy to determine the cause of death,” says Drever. “We do not have further information at this time.” 

The breed of the dog has not been confirmed, but Drever suspects it is a 'Staff/Boxer' mix breed.

The FLED spokesperson called the death “wrong on all levels.” 

“Like any other animal, this dog deserves justice and the person who shot this boy needs to be held accountable,” they said. 

The dog was wearing a blue harness and collar when it was found lying on the road. FLED also believes the dog was in good shape with healthy teeth. 

“Someone knows this dog or has seen this dog at one time or another.” 

FLED is asking anyone who knows the owner to contact FLED at 250-479-0911 or via [email protected] or contact the BC SPCA animal helpline at 1-855-622-7722.