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Sid Tobias - View Royal mayor candidate 2022

Sid Tobias


Facebook: Sid Tobias

Twitter: sidtobias6

Instagram: sidtobias1

Are you associated with or running as part of a slate? If so, which one?

No, I am running as an independent

Do you live in the municipality where you are running, and if so, for how long? If not, what is your connection to that community?

Yes, I have lived in View Royal for 12 years with my wife Jocelyn

What is your occupation, and for how long?

I am the Director of Digital Services at the Environmental Assessment Agency. I have been in my current position for almost a year and in the public service for seven years. I lead teams that enhance the public’s access to government engagement and information.

Tell us about your previous elected and/or community experience.

After 24 years of military service, I served on the Town of View Royal Planning and Development Committee as a Member in 2015 and was nominated Chairman in 2016. I finished my tenure as Chairman to make space for other voices.

Why are you running? What’s your motivation?

My neighbours nominated me to provide a second option on the Ballot for Mayor of View Royal as there was no one else running against our current Mayor who was elected by acclamation four years ago as no one ran against him. Having served most of my life in the Canadian Armed Forces defending the Canadian values of democracy I find myself driven to represent at least another option.

What are your top three issues?

1. Increase the amount of public engagement for development and make it easier for residents to engage online and in person. That may mean increasing the number of engagements before and after a project is completed to learn from the effectiveness of mitigating actions such as roads, sidewalks, traffic and adequate green space.

2. Increase transparency in government decision making including publishing a decision sheet on what we heard from the public and other sources and why a decision was made

3. Create sustainable development projects that you would not mind in your own backyard. Projects that bring value to new and existing residents.

What’s your vision for your community in 25 years?

I would very much like to see a place where children can play safely in their neighbourhoods where we allow for continuous improvement of a good percentage of land to green space for forest canopy whilst maintaining a balance for commercial enterprise to thrive.

What’s one “big idea” you have for your community?

Invest in safety and infrastructure for the future. EV charging stations, wireless accessibility, adequate roadways, sidewalks, crossing guards for schools, state-of-the-art emergency vehicles and equipment for our volunteers.