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Judy Estrin - View Royal council candidate 2022

Judy Estrin

Are you associated with or running as part of a slate? If so, which one?

No, I am not.

Do you live in the municipality where you are running, and if so, for how long? If not, what is your connection to that community?

Moved to View Royal in 2018 from Willis Point (in the CRD).

What is your occupation, and for how long?

I have been in the management development, performance improvement and training/learning field for 40+ years and managed my own consulting practice since 1997. My competencies include the ability to convert future vision into pragmatic implementation, strategic management and leadership of people, projects and processes.

Tell us about your previous elected and/or community experience.

I was a mentor in Leadership Victoria for 4 years; Board Member/Chair of Operations – Victoria Rainbow Kitchen Society; currently a volunteer at the Rainbow Kitchen and serve on the View Royal Emergency Services Support Team.

Prior to moving to Canada, I served for 6 years on the Burbank, California Community Disaster Volunteer Advisory Board, as well as 5 years on the Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles Auction Committee and 3 years as an Entrepreneurial Mentor for JVS. I have served in a variety of elected and volunteer positions in an international training and development organization.

Why are you running? What’s your motivation?

Giving back to my community is literally in my DNA. When I moved to View Royal, I joined the Emergency Services Support team, part of the View Royal Fire Department, to be a part of the support system that activates when disaster strikes. Helping others is one of my values.

View Royal is ready for an administrative change. Serving for a single four year term will allow me to use my skills and expertise in a productive way. Oversight of View Royal governance over the next 4 years will establish new ground rules that will be the foundation for the next 20.

What are your top three issues?

1. Oversight of the new 20 year OCP; managing its effect on the infrastructure and livability of View Royal.

2. Ensure that height restrictions are in place, that variances to by-laws are consistently applied, workable traffic flow, growth managed, that there is green space, room for small businesses, parking, community access space and walkability are critical within the confines of our limited geographic parameter. Fiscal responsibility.

3. Seek and implement processes to increase community engagement, by developing a pipeline of people to run for office or to serve in another volunteer capacity.

Support the on-going beautification of View Royal through the arts.

What’s your vision for your community in 25 years?

• Fiscally sound with sufficient reserves as a result of good governance

• Livable community that is well maintained by the city and residents

• Comprehensive services easily accessible for population that has aged in place

• Active partnership between residents and city government

• Active participant in the cultural/arts community centre servicing greater Victoria from the Westshore

• Green space incorporated into all new developments

• Parks and recreation areas that provide shelter, amenities and space for dogs to be off leash

• Building height regulations observed

• Traffic flow through public access and private transportation devices

• Low crime

• Amenities: boutique/one of a kind shopping, locally owned restaurants, Medical/Dental services, recreational areas

• Best little town in the region, a model of community leadership and urban life in BC

What’s one “big idea” you have for your community?

Establishment of a full scale community outreach and engagement program that is designed to ultimately provide the town with a cadre of qualified candidates ready to lead into the future. Through town hall meetings, community meetings similar to block watch and leadership programs in the schools, we will be able to encourage youth, women and minorities to see the value of involvement. If we are to be a community in 10 -15 years, we need to have people ready to continuously question the status quo and who want to lead their community into the future.