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Damian Kowalewich - View Royal council candidate 2022

Damian Kowalewich



Twitter: @damianviewroyal

Are you associated with or running as part of a slate? If so, which one?


Do you live in the municipality where you are running, and if so, for how long? If not, what is your connection to that community?

Yes 14 years

What is your occupation, and for how long?

Police Officer (Detective Sergeant) 18 years

Councillor 2 terms

Tell us about your previous elected and/or community experience.

2 term Councillor

Vice-Chair — Westshore Parks and Recreation

Alternate Director — CRD

Minor Hockey Coach

Minor Hockey Referee

Previous Positions held:

President Saanich Volunteer Services Society

Chair-Citizens Advisory Committee for Federal Corrections

Minor Lacrosse Coach

Why are you running? What’s your motivation?

My wife and I chose to raise our young children in View Royal and we truly appreciate all that it has to offer. I take responsibility in continuing to make View Royal a thriving, sustainable and connected community. I am confident that I can continue to provide View Royal residents with steady and reliable leadership. I take my role as Councillor seriously and pride myself on having high ethical standards and always being fair. I promise to always listen and engage with residents to find the best possible outcome on decisions.

What are your top three issues?

Transportation — I will continue to advocate for short and long term solutions with the Provincial, Federal and BC Transit representatives to gain improvements for our residents. We need to think long term and implement major transportation infrastructure improvements.

Development — I will support thoughtful development (residential and commercial) by engaging residents during the decision making process. I promise to genuinely collaborate with all stakeholders in order to achieve the best, most sustainable, outcome for all.

Remain Fiscally Responsible — My focus would remain on maintaining service levels while thoughtfully increasing or decreasing services where appropriate or desired by residents.

What’s your vision for your community in 25 years?

In 25 years I would like to see View Royal as a fully matured Town that has maintained its parks and green space through mindful and responsible development. It should remain the premier location for families to reside and have realistic access to the downtown core and the Westshore. I expect there to be improved transit, cycling, and pedestrian routes for our residents and the Capital Regional District. Ideally, a town centre or gathering area is something I will strive for.

What’s one “big idea” you have for your community?

I promised to bring more community events to our Town. We recently hosted an Arts fest that I championed. It brought residents from all ages out to the family friendly event that included an art contest, children’s activities, and live music. I plan to continue these types of events and collaborate with local businesses. COVID obviously slowed this down but now we can move forward on this initiative again. View Royal is home to many young families and they have expressed their desire for community events.