Vietnamese pho chain makes welcome move into Burnaby

Chris Campbell

The SFU/UniverCity community has been steadily getting new food outlets added as its population grows.

Most of new additions have been of the fast-food variety, with Tim Hortons being the latest. There are some gems, including Chef Hung’s Taiwanese noodle soup, a sushi/burrito joint and a Steve’s Poke Bar.

But what people who live here – like me – have been crying out for is Vietnamese good.

We want pho. We want lemongrass chicken. We. Want. Banh. Mi. Sandwiches.

Well, now we’re getting it as Pho 99 is nearly finished renovating space just down below the Starbucks. I believe this is the first Pho 99 in Burnaby. It’s  about time.

This space has been the location for a couple of high-priced burger joints that were always empty. I expect Pho 99 to be a roaring success because the food is good and well-priced for students.

I usually get my Pho 99 fix next to SilverCity Coquitlam after a movie. Now I only need to walk down the block.

I've got 99 problems but the pho ain't one.

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