No, the Queen of Capilano’s snack bar isn’t closing permanently

As islanders adjust to the vintage features of the Bowen Queen, including its lack of open cafeteria, the island’s rumour mill has been hard at work.

Word on Facebook and in casual conversations everywhere has been that BC Ferries would not be reopening the Queen of Capilano’s cafeteria when the vessel returns from its refit Feb. 20.

But islanders can strike one ferry worry from their lists.

“This rumour is indeed a rumour…and is completely wrong,” wrote BC Ferries spokesperson Darin Guenette in an email Thursday afternoon.

“When the Queen of Capilano returns to service in February it will operate the snack bar service as it did prior to refit,” he said. “At that point customers will also be able to continue to purchase tickets for other sailings from the snack bar.”

Only 42 more days until islanders can once again taste those sweet, sweet rotisserie hot dogs.




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