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A free illustrated zombie web book

Hey fans of the very best zombie novels and good free online horror fiction books, ebooks, comics and graphic novels - not to mention zombie TV shows and movies! We hope you're enjoying the undead stories in our unique must read digital zombie web book MAPLE LEAF ZOMBIES - terrifying tales from Canada! For those who love best online zombie stories and web books, we hope you're getting a kick out of our free digital series.


The apocalypse has hit everywhere, including the Great White North, but the risky act of walking around avoiding the dead is turning out to be the very least of your worries! A myriad of twists and turns are in store as our zombie tales culminate to a dramatic, weird finish for Leo McGregor and his pals in Year One. Thanks again for sharing and recommending our illustrated web series! Be sure to shortcut onto your desktop the MAPLE LEAF ZOMBIES directory page from our newspaper publication's website to catch every episode - formatted with illustrations for easy reading on your computer or mobile device:




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