Tanning beds a good way to prepare for the sun

Craving that sun-kissed look?

Go easy, sun-worshippers.

That’s the advice from the trained professionals at Body Glo Tan at Blundell Centre.

If you want that gently bronzed appearance, get there safely by slowly building up to the look you desire with a series of tanning bed sessions that will not only give you better results, but will also be easy on your skin.

“You need to tan in moderation,” says Nicole Herbert, manager at Body Glo Tan. “And when you use a tanning bed, it’s important to use an indoor, tanning lotion to protect and hydrate your skin.”

Plus, remember to stay away from using oils or any outdoor tanning products.

“An SPF (Sun Protection Factor) lotion should not be used when you are on an indoor tanning bed unless you are covering up a scar or mole,” Herbert says. “And you must also wear the proper eye protection.”

Moderation is another key factor.

“You don’t want to over expose your skin,” Herbert explains. “Just like tanning outdoors, you don’t want to be there from sun up to sun down.”

Coming in to use one of Body Glo Tan’s sun beds every other day during your measured build-up to a tan allows your skin to rejuvenate and achieve longer-lasting results.

“That base can give you more protection from burning when you go away to a sun destination,” Herbert says.

Your natural skin tone will determine how many tanning bed sessions will be needed - those with fairer complexions will generally require more time. For a more immediate tanned appearance, you can opt for Body Glo Tan’s spray tan.

Keep in mind, that process is purely cosmetic and does not produce a natural tan that can offer protection from the sun.

“You can start with the tanning beds to achieve a natural tan, and then use the spray tan as a finishing product to get that deep, tanned look,” Herbert says.

When looking for a spray tan, Herbert suggests doing some online research to find a salon, which uses organic solutions that also have a purple undertone.

“That purple undertone cuts out the chance someone walks out of the salon with an orange, Oompa Loompa look,” she says.

When done, the spray tan can last from between seven to 10 days.

For more information about safe tanning bed use and spray tans, visit bodyglotan.com or call 604-275-5858.

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