Taking your pre-arranged funeral plan with you when you move

One of the benefits of pre-arranging your funeral service, interment, or cremation through North America’s largest funeral and cemetery provider, Dignity Memorial®, is the option to move your plan if you change locations.

“Customers pre-arranging their funeral plans through Forest Lawn Funeral Home or Ocean View Funeral Home here in the Lower Mainland are eligible to participate in Dignity Memorial®’s National Transferability Program,” says Andrew Knapman, Location Manager for Forest Lawn Funeral Home.

People with a pre-arranged funeral plan who move to another province, or even into the United States, will likely find that there are funeral homes in their new area that will honour their pre-arranged plan.

“This eliminates the hassle of cancelling one plan and pre-arranging a new funeral plan,” Andrew explains. “The existing Forest Lawn Funeral Home or Ocean View Funeral Home plan can be transferred directly to another funeral home within the Dignity Memorial® network.”

It also means that residents of Richmond and other Lower Mainland communities can receive expert advice from a compassionate, locally operated funeral home, while benefitting from both locations’ involvement in the larger network of funeral homes and cemeteries.

Being part of a large funeral service provider network also means that customers of Forest Lawn and Ocean View Funeral Homes can get help quickly in the event of an unforeseen accident.

“We work very closely within our network,” Andrew says. “If a customer with a pre-arranged funeral plan passes away suddenly in another part of Canada or the United States, there would likely be a funeral home from our network close by that could help the family at no additional cost, other than shipping costs for bringing the loved one home.”

To learn more about the National Transferability Program, available at both Burnaby funeral homes, call 1-800-34-DIGNITY or go to the Forest Lawn website or the Ocean View website. Forest Lawn is at 3789 Royal Oak Ave. and Ocean View is at 4000 Imperial St. 

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