Some great tips to secure your online privacy

The Internet suffered a major blow in 2012 when Edward Snowden whistle blew on the CIA.

He revealed how it spies on the world population. According to Snowden, other surveillance agencies were also following similar tactics, and many governments have been spying for more than a decade.

The methods vary and are sometimes so extreme they often hack inside Internet-connected camera devices in our homes and monitor us via video.

In other cases, they track our browsing data, communications, and access files stored in our homes.

There have been cases when this data was used for blackmail.

Considering how dangerous a lack of online privacy is, follow these tips to ensure online privacy.

1. Keep Your Apps Updated

It’s important you keep your apps updated. Turn on your auto-update option, if available. If not, consider it your duty to keep an eye on any pending updates and install them immediately.

Any app you use may have vulnerabilities or loopholes hidden inside them. Software developers are always on the lookout and patch them as soon as they find them. These patches are released in the form of software updates. Hence, it is important to install them to keep your system secure.

2. Configure the Privacy Settings of your Browser

Configuring the security and privacy settings of your device is important to stop your browser from leaking private information online.

To review your browser privacy, access the “settings” on your respective browser and move to the security and privacy tab.

Unmark anything you think can be harmful for your privacy and security. Most importantly, block third-party cookies so they don’t monitor your online activities.

3. Install a VPN

If you want complete online anonymity, install a VPN. VPNs safeguard your security and privacy using online encryption to ensure even the most powerful surveillance agency or the most dangerous hacker can’t access or monitor your online communications.

PureVPN is recommended. Their service offers the most powerful encryption to keep you secure and anonymous. It also offers other features, such as an Internet Kill Switch and Wi-Fi protection to keep you secure at all times.

PureVPN delivers the best features and functionalities, and is acknowledged by top publications such as CNET. TrustPilot also gives the service the highest rating in the industry.

4. Be Cautious when Installing Plug-Ins

Plug-ins installed from unreliable sources can be dangerous for any user. There are thousands of plug-ins and extensions available on the web funded by notorious sources.

They often come freeMost hack inside your private data and send it over to their owner company. This data is compiled and used without your permission, often sold to data bases, or in worst cases, used for blackmail.

Therefore, only install plug-ins from reliable sources.

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