Senior Living: exercising the mind and body

The Maple Residences in Steveston, Richmond, is a prime example of a seniors' independent housing facility that believes that exercise and recreational opportunities are good for the senior soul.

"Recreation is a big part of what we do here," says Eileen Campbell, Assistant Manager/Marketing of The Maples.

For seniors looking at the independent living option, Eileen suggests making sure there are a variety of safe recreational activities to stimulate the senior's mind as well as the body. Here are just a few of the things offered at The Maples:

·       Fitness and Exercise: Exercise classes are held seven days a week and always with an instructor to ensure safety. Seniors pick from programs such as Tai Chi, Strength and Stretch, Rise and Shine, or meditation, to name a few, all specifically designed with the senior in mind.

·       Music and Entertainment: The Maples brings in professional musicians and entertainers to provide quality concerts and add to residents' enjoyment.

·       Philosopher's Café: Seniors have opinions and want to be heard. The café is a great place to share those opinions and join others in putting the world to rights.

·       Drama Club: Get into character and entertain others. The Maples' drama group offers a place for seniors to rehearse and put on an annual performance for other residents.

·       Outings: A couple of times a week, seniors have the opportunity to take bus trips to golf clubs, Pub 'n Grub, wineries, see the lights at Christmas, check out the trees in the Fall. Others prefer to take a walk round scenic Steveston and enjoy the proximity to the water and parks.

·       Seminars: Informational seminars are available on a number of topics relevant to seniors, such as seasonal allergies and shingles.

Independent living complexes offering a variety of recreational opportunities encourage social interaction.

"Residents need to be given the opportunity to be active, vibrant, and independent,” says Eileen. “It's about taking care of the mental, physical, and social aspects of our lives."

To find out more about The Maple Residences and its recreational programs, visit their website, call 604.277.4519 or email them.  You can also find The Maples on Facebook and Twitter.

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