School is back in session – have you checked your eyesight?

It can be easy to take our eyesight for granted. Like breathing, vision is something that just seems to happen without any intervention.

Yet the health of our eyes is of the upmost importance and taking the time to regularly check up on your eyesight is crucial as we age.

With the school season approaching, there is no better time to get your vision checked than now. Soon, students will have their heads in books, learning and preparing themselves for assignments, tests and exams, and the working world will be back to their regular routine.

Checking up and ensuring your eyes are in working order is a great way to start the fall season off right and, if you are in the market for new frames to fit your face, getting that new look can give you the confidence and edge you need to boost your self-esteem.

But most importantly, our eyes are our lifeline, our connection to the world and the facilitator of all daily tasks and when they don’t work properly, everything we do can become an immense challenge.

At the Eye Station in Richmond, the staff is waiting on hand to assist you with all your eye care needs. The Eye Station can help you with all general eye and vision care concerns, as well as providing you with the latest designer eyewear (glasses and sunglasses), contact lenses, prescription sports glasses, children’s eyewear and much more.

On site doctors are available for eye exams, visual field testing, surgery consultation, ocular photography and any urgent care needs.

Whatever your eye care needs are, the professionals at the Eye Station can help you find the best solution.

If you would like to book an eye exam or would like more information about the Eye Station, please call 604-204-2688 or visit their website.

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