Richmond realty group takes home Best Property Management award

One family-owned and locally-operated real estate brokerage is taking home the top award in Richmond News’ Best of Richmond contest. The annual contest, in which readers rank local businesses, is a testament to the community’s local businesses and the people behind them.

Dorset Realty Group is this year’s top recipient for the Best Property Management, voted in by Richmond News Readers. Primarily in the property management business, Dorset Realty oversees everything from residential, to commercial and strata properties, in addition to commercial leasing and sales functions.

“It’s quite humbling to be put in that light,” said CEO Damien Roussin, “we take it as a signal that we’re on the right track, that we must be doing some of the right things, and we also tried to find out what we aren’t doing well.” In an industry where feedback can be hard to come by, Roussin said it is nice to hear that what his company is doing is working and is being appreciated.

Roussin said serving the community is in the company’s blood. As a business that is community-based, Dorset Realty is an active member of its community. “We try to partner with owners, residents and businesses in our community to make Richmond a better place to live and work,” he added.

Without tenants, homeowners, and shop owners in Richmond, Dorset Realty would not exist. It is easy to see its investment in the community and its integration with its members. “Not only are they our lifeblood, but we really do feel partnered with them,” Roussin said. It is not just the 43 years Dorset has served Richmond, either. Roussin noted that many of the company’s employees, owners, and clients are born in Richmond and have grown up in the community. “If we were to go for lunch this afternoon, there’s a good chance it would be in a mall we manage,” he said, adding that “our staff live in our buildings, and our customers live in our buildings, I don’t know how to describe the community’s role other than it’s essential.”

To learn more about Dorset Realty Group, visit, call 604-270-1711, or email You can also find Dorset Realty Group on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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