Garden landscaping: finding the one who cares

Dedication to quality landscaping service is held in high regard at MRD Landscaping Inc., which has been in business for over a decade now (since 2006). The owner, Frank Shang, immigrated from China in 2001. While working a labour job, he became interested in the art of horticulture, and since then his love for the profession has remained strong. Today, MRD provides landscaping solutions for residential yards and commercial spaces. Throughout his career, Shang has honed skills spanning the entire landscaping process, from horticulture and pest management to ornamental maintenance and artistic design.

Being a crew of only four people, you would think Shang and his employees might find themselves overwhelmed, but to the 38-year-old entrepreneur there is not a project too big (or small) to tackle.

"We are currently working on a few house yards in Metro Vancouver," he says, "one of which is big and time-consuming, but we'll get the job done."

When asked about his typical workday, Shang says he allocates time to all of his business ventures—landscaping, beekeeping and winemaking. On top of that, he writes horticulture columns and in 2017 he started hosting workshops at the Vancouver Horticulture Club. He’s also a family man, ensuring he always makes time for his loved ones. How does he fit it all in? Well, Shang is not much of a sleeper. "I usually sleep five hours a day so I drink copious amounts of coffee," he confesses while brewing himself a cuppa.

Those who have visited Shang’s home have surely noticed the myriad of frame-enclosed diplomas and awards steadily adorning his living room walls, symbols of the entrepreneur’s overachieving character. Shang's friends have often asked him, “Is it necessary for a gardener to invest this much time and money into getting certified?" But their skepticism has never swayed him.

"I have maintained the habit of taking one course a year, three if time permits," he says. Shang has been rewarded for his hard work and dedication on many occasions. Notably, he was a finalist in RBC's Top-25 Canadian Immigrant Awards and most recently, he won the 2017 BCLNA Garden Communicator of the Year Award.

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