Employees are part of the family at Aldila Boutique

At Aldila Boutique the staff sticks around… and so do the customers!

Some of the employees at the popular women’s clothing stores have worked for the company for 25 years, according to Elif Costello, whose family owns Aldila.

“We’ve grown together,” she says. “And they’ve been able to build a clientele that’s been with us in some cases for over 20 years, as well. I think the connection between our clientele and our staff comes from the fact that our staff has been a part of the Aldila family for so many years. It says a lot about the people who work here.”

The company celebrates staff anniversaries at their annual Christmas parties, and many of the celebrations are for 10, 15 and 20 year milestones, Costello says.

“The key is treating the people you work with like family,” she explains. “That sense of loyalty and respect is passed on to their customers.”

Employees know regulars by name and can often recommend pieces that go with outfits they’ve bought in the past, Costello says, adding that her staff all have amazing memories, which allow them to help build their clients’ wardrobes over time.

“Our girls know to call their customers when we their favourite collections or something they might like comes in,” she says. “At the end of the day, it’s the relationship between our staff and our customers that sets us apart.”

While it can be almost impossible to get help or advice at a big department store these days, that’s never the case at the locally owned Aldila shops.

“Sometimes you go into stores and you don’t even get a hello,” Costello says. “It’s just such a difference when you come into one of our stores. The girls are always so friendly and eager to give a hand when it’s wanted.”

Aldila Boutique first opened in Vancouver in 1986, and now has seven locations throughout Western Canada – in the Lower Mainland, Kelowna and Alberta.

To connect with the friendly staff at Aldila in Richmond, call 604-244-0484, email or visit their website. Aldila is located at Richmond Centre, and can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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