Connecting customers with local liquor in Richmond

BC’s liquor market has undergone something of a revolution over recent years, with more and more customers eschewing mass-produced products and plumping for locally made tipples instead.

The craft movement is in ascendance, but alongside the seemingly never-ending stream of breweries, vineyards, and distilleries that are cropping up around the region; liquor stores are also adapting to cater for their customers’ changing tastes.

“We first opened our doors in 2006 and since then we’ve seen a huge shift in what our customers are looking for,” Louise Williams from Liquor Town at Richmond’s Blundell Centre says. “We try and listen to what our customers are saying and get to know their tastes so that we can stock the kind of products they want to buy.”

According to Williams despite the diverse tastes that you’ll find across Richmond, one thing that all of their customers have in common is a thirst for local products. In fact Liquor Town stocks a wide selection of craft beers, especially those from the local area including popular breweries such as Britannia Brewing Company, Four Winds, and Fuggles & Warlock.

With these craft breweries constantly tinkering with their formulas to cook up ever more interesting varietals of beer, the key is for stores to try and keep pace. For Liquor Town that means that there’s always something new on the shelves for their experienced staff to discuss with customers.

“Most of our employees have been with us for an average of seven or eight years so they know what they are talking about,” Williams says. “And whether we’re getting to know about our customers’ tastes so that we can help them find the perfect product, or they’re telling us about a fantastic beer that we should stock; there’s always something new for us to learn.”

If you want to check out Liquor Town’s craft beer selection for yourselves give them a visit at the Blundell Centre, Richmond’s convenient one-stop destination for friendly service from local business owners. For more information, visit

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