Celebrating 30 years behind the lens

When you talk to Larry Scherban you quickly realize his business is about people - making them feel at ease, getting to know them, developing a relationship, and then taking their photograph.

It’s an art he’s undertaken, with the help of his wife Sandy, through their Richmond-based business, Camera One Photography, for the past 30 years.

“Most people don’t like getting their pictures taken,” Larry quipped. “My job is to get clients to be comfortable. That’s the hardest thing for a photographer to do.”

And when he’s accomplished that he often hears it.

“I have had so many people come away from a session saying, ‘Well, that wasn’t hard. I actually had fun doing that.’”

So, what’s the key to achieving that kind of success?

“You need to learn to listen,” he explained. “When I teach students, they ask me what they should do to relax their clients. And I say, just talk to them. Listen to them. Try not to talk too much, let them do the talking and eventually they become so relaxed they forget the camera is even there.”

That’s when they tend to let their guard down and Larry captures their image, more often than not, near the tail end of a session.

It’s a recipe that, with the addition of wife Sandy’s keen eye for detail, has had great results for three decades, a span Larrysaid that has been personally, and professionally, fulfilling.

“I’ve taken photographs of presidents, dignitaries, authors, actors and just regular people, who, in many cases, have had the most interesting stories to tell.”

And that has been one of the most tangible pleasures of the job - meeting interesting people and the variety of experiences they provide.

“You never know what you’re going to get when you go to a shoot,” Larry said.

“That’s one of the most intriguing things about the business. You never quite know who you are going to meet.”

“And you do your best to try and capture that to make your image unique.”

To help celebrate 30 years of doing just that, the Scherbans are offering a discount for customers by waving their session fee - a value of around $200.

“It’s also a way of saying thank you to our past, present and future clients.”

For more information about Camera One Photography, call 604-277-0836 or visit their website at: cameraonephoto.com.

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