5 ways that arts education can benefit your child

Arts education is about so much more than unleashing your kids’ creativity. Alongside the fun, the friends and the newfound skills - there are also a whole host of developmental benefits your child can enjoy by signing up for a program of classes.

To find out more, we asked Lisa Oppenheim from Lights Up Musical Theatre to give us the lowdown on five of the most common benefits children in the Lower Mainland can enjoy by enrolling in arts education classes.


1 - Creative thinking

Arts education classes like those offered by Lights Up Musical Theatre teach children how to adapt to new situations and think outside the box. Drama, for example, is great for unleashing kids’ imagination, encouraging them to think on their feet and develop the cognitive skills that will help them in later life.


2 - Academic performance

There has been plenty of research that’s proven that children who are actively involved in the arts enjoy an improved academic performance. Arts education in fields such as music and drama give children a new outlet to exercise their brains in a fun, fulfilling environment.


3 - Focus

Whether a child is memorizing lines for a play, the words for a song or the choreography of a dance routine - they are engaging their brains and developing the kind of focus that they will need to succeed in both education and employment later in life.


4 - Grit

In rehearsing for a performance, students are required to work towards a goal over an extended period of time, and meet challenges along the way. This is the element that will allow students to transform their innate talents into meaningful achievement throughout their lives.


5 - Social skills

Creating any kind of performance is a group effort. Students must learn to collaborate with their ensemble members and share the spotlight with their cast-mates. This not only helps develop teamwork skills but also social confidence.

With enthusiastic expert instructors and locations across the Lower Mainland, including right here in Richmond, Lights Up runs a range of weekly classes for children and teens aged between three and 18 years old. If you’re interested in enrolling your kids into one of Lights Up Theatre Schools’ classes or camps, visit www.lightsuptheatre.ca or call 888-502-5253.

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