5 tips when working with a mortgage broker

Navigating the requirements of mortgages is tricky whether you are a first-time buyer or a returning client.

The specificities of the industry are precise, elaborate and, at times, misleading. In order to abstain from mistakes and ensure a positive experience with the process, finding help is encouraged.

And at Real Mortgage Services, help will always be found.

“The employment of a mortgage broker, especially by first time buyers and even returning clients, has increased roughly 38%,” said Gord Pipkey, owner and broker at Real Mortgage Services. “We hope to provide all our clients with the best professional service and rates from our team of experienced mortgage brokers.”

Gord has been a prominent broker in the industry for decades and, in order to weather this complex industry, here are five tips he would like to share to all potential clients:

1. Potential clients should engage with a broker to find the best rate based on qualifications rather than going from lender to lender

2. Clients should provide broker sufficient information and documentation as requested in order for the broker to produce an accurate preapproval

3. Clients should always complete a personal consultation with a broker to develop an efficient, trusting working relationship

4. Clients should always advise their broker of any substantial change in their application

5. If clients are no longer interested in working with their broker due to developing a working relationship with a lender or another broker, clients should always advise their original broker to cancel their open file

The team at Real Mortgage Services hopes all potential clients consider the impact their decisions have and how important help can be in this difficult decision.

If you are in need of a mortgage broker or would like more information, contact Gord Pipkey at 604-279-8090 or visit the website

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