The Reading Room

The Reading Room opened its doors in Burnaby last July, allowing anyone—Christian or non-Christian—to walk in and learn about the Christian faith.

The idea for a Reading Room was first conceived by a group of members of a reformed church who, living around the city of Burnaby, recognized that many others in the community were looking for more information about the Christian faith.

They approached the Willoughby Heights Canadian Reformed Church in Langley with their idea, and planning for the Reading Room began.

“People who had lived in the Burnaby area for a while found other people in the area who were asking about the Christian faith,” explains one volunteer, a church member of Willoughby Heights. “Members in the Burnaby community recognized the need for providing information on the Christian faith in that area.”

The Burnaby Reading Room strives to introduce Christianity, encourage good discussion, and answer questions community members might have. It provides an inclusive environment that leads to stimulating conversation.

“We have visitors and guests who inquire about the Christian faith from all different cultures,” says one volunteer. “We’ve had Buddhists, people from East Indian cultures—it’s open to anybody to discuss and have their questions answered.”

Literature available at the Reading Room spans the Protestant Reformation to present day, covering Calvinism, God’s covenant with mankind, baptism, as well as topics that explore the reasons for differences between churches.

“We’re unique in our approach in that while there are many places of worship in each community there are not many places where one can go to get answers to the questions they may have about the Christian faith,” says a volunteer. “People are then able to discuss the answers over a period of time.”

The Reading Room in Burnaby is open from 2 to 5 p.m. every day. To find out more, visit the, email, or drop by their location at 5272 Grimmer Street in Burnaby. 

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