Screen door security: introducing SecuraView

If you’re like most Burnaby home owners, you make a point of shutting your windows and doors each night as part of your general security protocol. You might have screens in your windows and doorways, but you don’t feel safe with screens as your last line of defense against intruders.

“A lot of people think screens aren’t secure,” says Darrell Bedford, Director of Brand Communication at Wizard Screens. “In fact, our SecuraView screens are made with steel mesh, making them a very secure accessory for your home.”

SecuraView from Wizard Industries is a product specifically for those who are concerned about intruders entering their home through a screen doors or window. Built with high tensile marine grade stainless steel mesh along with a heavy duty aluminum frame, SecuraView screens keep a lot more than insects out of your home.

“This kind of mesh screen can’t be cut by a criminal or bashed through the way a door might be,” says Bedford. “That means you can enjoy a cool breeze during nights in the summer without having to worry about your personal safety.”

SecuraView is just the latest innovation from Wizard Industries, a family-run company based in Vancouver that’s been producing premium screens and awnings for customers all over North America for the past fifteen years.

“We strive to continuously lead our industry by offering the highest quality home improvement products available,” says Bedford. “SecuraView is just one more example of how we build products to meet our customers’ needs.”

One of the unique features of the SecuraView product is a 10-year limited warranty.

“It’s important for customers to feel satisfied with their purchase,” Bedford explains. “We want them to know that we build our products to last.”

Screen door products like SecuraView can also prevent dangerous mishaps, particularly with children. Serious injury can easily incur when children fall through screens. With SecuraView, that risk is eliminated.

For more information about SecuraView and other amazing home improvement products, Wizard Industries, call 604-299-4426, or visit their website.

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