Pure 5 Wellness Hub: Trendsetting Wellness Therapies

Keith and Helen Tong learned a lot from owning and operating a pharmacy for almost a decade. Mostly, they saw a need for a more proactive approach to wellness.

“Our experience as pharmacy owners showed us that people really need to take a more proactive approach to their lives,” says Keith. “If you’re sick and taking medication, you are not solving the underlying problem.”

After nine successful years, Keith and Helen sold their pharmacy and opened an innovative wellness therapy centre in Burnaby: Pure 5 Wellness Hub.

“We started Pure 5 to help solve the underlying problems through preventative practices,” says Helen. “It’s not about a paycheck for us. We want to help people and the community.”

Keith and Helen will each graduate with a Bachelors of Holistic Health Science in early 2017. They plan on obtaining their PhD in natural medicine before the end of 2018, all while operating Pure Wellness Hub.

Pure 5 Wellness Hub opened its doors this past January and currently offers a wide variety of services, some complementary to mainstream medicine, others stand-alone therapies relatively new to Canada. In addition to naturopathy, acupuncture, and registered massage therapy, they offer salt halotherapy and pulsed electromagnetic frequency. Both can be very difficult to find.  

“Halotherapy and PEMF are useful therapies for many modalities,” says Keith. “They allow your body to self-heal, and that’s a core value of our business.”

Joining Keith and Helen at Pure 5 is Reiki healer Marat Ismailov, a certified massage and bioenergy therapist; Susan Jung, has her B.Sc in Biology and is a registered acupuncturist who specializes in anti-aging facial acupuncture; and Dr. Rick Santimaw, the on-hand naturopathic physician, who holds a degree in health science in both kinesiology and anatomy.

Connect with Keith and Helen at Pure 5 Wellness Hub by email at help@pure5wellness.com, book online at www.pure5wellness.com, or call 604 428 8682. Pure 5 Wellness Hub located at 318 Gilmore Ave, Burnaby. You can also find them on Facebook.

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