Professional, affordable bookkeeping services

Ever wonder how your business is performing at a given time? Are you looking for a bookkeeper for a few hours per month (or more)? Whether you’re a business owner, an employee – you run a small business as a real estate agent, rental properties or independent contractor - having regular bookkeeping support can help relieve a lot of stress at tax time.

Since 2004, Hands On Accounting owner, Ina Turner, has been providing ongoing bookkeeping and tax-services to personal clients and small businesses with revenue under $500,000. But her passion for numbers began on the manual bookkeeping systems long before computerized bookkeeping.

Ina, who is an accredited “Professional Bookkeeper”, can help clients who are looking to hire someone to help them with monthly bookkeeping, payroll and/or taxes. There are many components to bookkeeping—more than people think, Ina explains. If you are starting a new business, she will help you determine when you need to register for GST & HST and whether you need a bi-weekly payroll – to avoid any cash flow pitfalls.

Ina is also an accredited “Payroll Practitioner” who works with business owners to calculate the bi-weekly payroll, government remittances, monthly and year-end reports. For full or part-time employees, consultants or contractors, she has expertise in:

·       New hires

·       Employee Layoffs

·       Government Remittances

·       3rd Party Benefits

·       Workers Compensation

“I like to take the existing bookkeeping system – NOT done properly – turn it into PROPERLY balance books,” Ina says. She is also passionate about coaching her clients month-to-month on best bookkeeping practices and takes the time to review the reports together with them.

She uses QuickBooks or Sage software for bookkeeping, but also recommends her clients to use FreshBooks or Kashoo if they want to do their bookkeeping by themselves. U-file is also a good software option for those who want to do their taxes.

It is tax time!

Ina enjoys working with taxpayers (employees) and families who just want to prepare their tax returns and don’t need bookkeeping. The best part is that Hands on Accounting offers tax-filing services at an affordable fee (starting at $75).

Hands on Accounting also offers affordable and professional bookkeeping and tax services to free up your time. Rates start at $200.00 monthly or $20/hour. To learn more, visit the website, arrange a meeting by appointment with Ina or call 604 314-8395.

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