Pharmasave Rosser’s Ideal Protein Clinic offers unique weight loss system

It is New Year's resolution season and many of us share a repetitive and common goal – to lose weight and be healthier. If you’ve tried everything and haven’t seen results it might be time for a new strategy.

Ideal Protein is a worldwide renowned weight loss and weight management program that has helped many people lose weight (and keep it off) as well as reduce, prevent, or eliminate certain medications. Developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh and founder Olivier Benloulou, it makes use of high quality supplements and delicious protein foods throughout its four phases, where clients receive ongoing support and nutrition education from trained Ideal Protein coaches.

Says Taryn Miller, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach at the Ideal Protein Clinic located at Pharmasave Rosser in Burnaby: “[The program] is a very safe, hypocaloric diet, designed to lose fat and spare muscle. [A typical day includes] three Ideal Protein foods, a serving of whole protein such as meat or eggs or tofu and four cups of vegetables as well as dietary supplements to prevent micronutrient deficiencies.”

Miller says the perfect candidate for the program is anyone wanting to lose weight, in particular diabetic patients. Clients range from individuals who have just gone through menopause and want to lose a few pounds to those who have been struggling with obesity for a lifetime. Once clients pay the initial $149.99 membership fee, Miller is at their disposal to provide support through coaching sessions which might even involve a shopping trip. “[Along with weekly meetings] I talk to people on the phone and via email and have taken them to the grocery store to learn about healthy choices” she says.

“What’s really special about Pharmasave Rosser’s Ideal Protein Clinic is that we have the pharmacists connected to the program, so clients can have access to full integrative care,” says Miller.

For more information about Ideal Protein, upcoming events and special promotions, visit Pharmasave Rosser’s Ideal Protein Clinic website or the Facebook page

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