On a mission to promote healthy eating and local ingredients

In a kitchen where east meets west and modern cooking meets classical techniques, culinary magic occurs. Just ask anyone who has dined at Foodies on Board, the newest addition to Burnaby’s growing roster of trendy restaurants.

Inspired by local ingredients, global cuisines, and a mission to promote healthy eating, Executive Chef Ken Ou has a lot on his plate. The young and accomplished chef does not just feed hungry diners, he creates sensational culinary experiences – and does so while curbing the food industry’s massive contribution to climate change.

Chef Ken’s commitment to strengthening the local economy and environment is a principle that Foodies on Board keeps close to its heart.  At the restaurant, almost everything from forks to furniture is made from recyclable materials and is fully compostable. The environment, sustainability, and economic fairness are always kept in mind. That is why Chef Ken uses fresh, hormone-free meats, organic eggs from local Rabbit River farm, and offers gluten-free and vegan food options.

But, Foodies on Board’s commitment to the environment should not overshadow the chef’s take on global cuisines. His culinary experience, which has brought him around the world, showcases dishes from diverse countries while also paying respect to the local ingredients the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Ken’s high-end hotel and restaurant experience has garnered him a reputation throughout the community that transcends borders. He has served celebrities and prominent political figures, including Barack Obama and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Chef Ken creates delicious plates, like two perfectly poached eggs atop house cured bacon and a creamy yet light hollandaise sauce, with methods that enhance both flavour and texture. He is a proponent of using modern techniques, such as sous vide, wherein the egg is cooked in a controlled environment set to a certain temperature, to ensure the product is never overcooked or rubbery. Chef Ou says an egg cooked to precisely 150 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect poached egg, “with a soft yolk that holds its shape.”

Ken’s innovative techniques not only make his food tastier, but also healthier. His in-house cured bacon is free of chemical preservatives, something Ou says is found in most bacon found in grocery stores or other restaurants. With healthy, ethical ingredients, nutritious food, and a steadfast commitment to the environment, Foodies on Board has a guaranteed recipe for success.

To learn more about the restaurant, visit www.foodiesonboard.com, call 778-682-0388, or email info@foodiesonboard.com. You can also find Foodies on Board on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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