Fear the dentist’s chair? Sedation may be right for you

It’s not uncommon for people to feel anxious prior to visiting the dentist. For many, fear of the dentist’s chair started in early childhood when everything about the dentist was unfamiliar. For others, it’s tied to a longer, more involved procedure they require, such as wisdom teeth extraction or dental implant placement.

If you count yourself among those who fear the dentist’s chair, you can relax. Sedation dentistry is a safe and reliable way to ease both fear and discomfort.

“Oral sedation is very safe,” explains Dr. Karim Lalani of Madison Centre Family Dental in Burnaby, which offers state-of-the-art sedation dentistry. “The patient’s vital signs are monitored carefully and the patient can freely communicate with us the whole time.”

In fact, the patient doesn’t lose consciousness during the procedure.

“The patient will feel sleepy but they maintain their normal reflexes,” says Dr. Lalalni. “It’s a great way to allow patients to relax. And it makes the procedure less stressful on the body and mind.”

Dr. Lalani, who operates six Family Dental Centres locations throughout the Lower Mainland, says patients often find that procedures end up feeling easier than expected.

“With oral sedation, they can let us know if they have pain,” he says. “What’s more, patients tend to feel well rested after, and a lot of times they are pleasantly surprised when we tell them it’s over.”

For situations that require a stronger level of sedation or for those who find that the oral method isn’t effective, Madison Centre Family Dental has a practitioner that specializes in intravenous sedation. According to Dr. Lalani, patients who have been sedated intravenously tend to feel a lot better after procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions.  

With sedation options available to virtually everyone (provided there are no underlying health issues) there is no reason to let fear stand in the way of good dental health!

To find out more about more about sedation dentistry or to book an appointment at Madison Centre Dental, visit their location at 101-1899 Rosser Avenue in Burnaby, visit their website, send them an email or call 604-670-5568.

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