Dr. Stuart Katz-Creating Healthy smiles with preventative dentistry

If you’ve been procrastinating on that overdue visit to the dentist, Dr. Stuart Katz has some advice for you:

“Prevention is key,” he says.  “We can prevent little problems from becoming big, expensive, painful problems.”

With over 20 years’ experience as a dentist, Dr. Katz believes that with regular visits, he and his dental hygienists can identify any issues early and recommend a course of action for home dental care.

“We’re very approachable here,” he says, “and we believe in discussing treatment options thoroughly and making sure the patient is comfortable with any course of treatment.  But home dental care is key to preventing things like cavities or gum disease.”

Conveniently located for both Burnaby and New Westminster residents, Dr. Katz’s practice features state of the art equipment with friendly, well-trained staff.  For the more anxious patient, sedation is available.

“We can certainly offer sedation to patients who are nervous or anxious to help them relax.”  Dr. Katz explains.  “We usually use a mild sedation that you inhale.  The benefit is that once the mask is removed from your face, the gas wears off quickly.  It’s the only form of sedation where you can drive yourself home after the procedure.”

Preventing the loss of his patients’ teeth is a key area of Dr. Katz’s practice, but it’s good to know that if a tooth needs to come out, that these days there are a number of good options to replace lost teeth, most notably of which are dental implants.

For more information on Dr. Stuart Katz and his dental practice, phone 604-524-9596, visit the website at http://www.drkatz.ca or send an email to info@drkatz.ca. Dr. Katz can also be found on Facebook.

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