Dance studio cultivates balance of mind and body

One Burnaby dance studio is refocusing its training by emphasizing the balance of body and mind. Rebecca Collins, the owner of Dance Collective, said balancing the mental aspect of dance is just as important as the physical side.

“We help the physical aspect of dance and the mental to come together in unity so they are more balanced,” Collins explained. Relieving stress and promoting a positive self-image are two things Collins is bringing to her dancers by bringing in Brain Gym expert Mariah-Janes Thies which has made a difference with their competitive dancers. “And though we’re interested in cultivating artists, ultimately what we do is cultivate an environment. Where kids can be themselves, explore their identities, and grow into strong capable people with thoughts, visions, and ideas about the world. To learn a love of art and to learn even more from it." In fact, for both dancers and instructors, Dance Collective is a second home.

The Burnaby dance studio is also the place where many dancers find their passion. “It helps kids with discovering their own creativity,” Collins said. When passion and creativity are shaped with commitment and discipline, as it is with dance, Collins said people are often better off for it.

Since Collins took over Dance Collective, it has expanded to become one of the top dance schools in the Lower Mainland. Bringing in her own jazz, tap and musical theatre background, Collins has brought in and built up a strong musical and lyrical platform to accompany the existing renowned RAD ballet program.

“We foster dance excellence, but in a fun, encouraging, and family-oriented environment,” Collins said, “we really want our dancers to discover their own creativity and take pride in what they’ve accomplished.”

To learn more about Dance Collective, visit, email, or call 604-420-0204. You can also find Dance Collective on Facebook and Instagram

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