Buying real estate? A local law firm can help

Aikay Vincent Oduoza, founder and principal lawyer with the Vincent Mark Law Office, is passionate about client service and making sure things are done right.

“Our practice is very client-centric,” he says, “and we work hard to make sure every client is wowed, every time.”

With a background in both the financial services and law, Mr. Oduoza chose real estate transactions as a preferred area of service for his small Burnaby law firm.

“I was the Vice President of a major financial institution,” he says, “and as a licensed lawyer with a Business background, I can appreciate complexities of real estate transactions from both business angles and from point of law.”

 “Real estate can be a complex business,” he notes, “At the centre of any real estate transaction are loan and collateral agreements. It’s important that documents are accurately prepared and filed. There are deadlines to be adhered to, and missing those deadlines could be disastrous for both the client and the financial institution.”

With his experience as both a lender and a lawyer, Mr. Oduoza believes he understands the psychology of both parties.

“At Vincent Mark Law Office,” he says, “we understand the needs and requirements of both parties. This includes the loan and collateral agreements and the property transfer documents. My background helps me in any real estate transaction, whether for residential or commercial purchases or sales.”

Believing that communication is the key to the successful outcome of any transaction, Mr. Oduoza makes sure that all parties, and especially his clients, are kept updated on the steps of every transaction.

Mr. Oduoza and his colleagues at Vincent Mark Law Office offer initial consultation for potential clients seeking advice on any kind of real estate transaction.

“We’re back to communication,” he laughs. “Before entering into a real estate transaction, we invite clients to come and meet us, explore out skills and competences, and discover how we can help them.”

For more information on Vincent Mark Law Office and their real estate services, or to make an appointment, call 778.379.9353, check out the website, email, or visit the office at 1-4677 Kingsway, Burnaby.

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