4 signs that Retirement Living might be right for you

One of the biggest considerations that seniors face is whether or not to leave their home. It can be a necessity of course, as people look for simpler lives or better access to care as they grow older. Nevertheless, downsizing can be a difficult decision and a challenging process as you get ready to leave behind family, friends, and even treasured memories.

But it needn't be this way. In fact, there are living arrangements available for seniors that focus on delivering the best possible experiences while still preserving independence.

At AgeCare, which has been helping retirees to live happy, healthy lives since 1998, this is what they call Retirement Living. But it’s much more than just a catchy turn of phrase. For AgeCare, the concept of Retirement Living is a solution that has been created for active seniors who want to have a balance between maintaining their own independence and having access to the safety, support, and care they may need as they grow older. 

So, how can you tell if Retirement Living is the right solution for you or your loved one? According to AgeCare’s Retirement Consultant, Joel Grigg, there are a few key questions that you should be asking:

·       Are you struggling to keep up with household tasks - such as grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning?

·       Are you feeling overwhelmed by the upkeep that your property requires?

·       Do you feel isolated? Or struggle to socialize with friends and family?

·       Are you passionate about maintaining your independence, but want the peace of mind that help is on hand if you need it?

“Retirement living at AgeCare Harmony Court Estate allow seniors to continue to live a socially active Retirement lifestyle, with the reassurance that support is there should they need it,” Joel says.

“Residents live in their own spacious private suites, surrounded by their own furnishings and decorated how they like. Meals, cleaning and other household chores are all taken care of, allowing them to save their energy for doing the things they love to do, helping to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.” 

Have questions about Retirement Living? To find out more, visit www.agecare.ca/StandOut or call Joel at (604) 527-3300.

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