LETTER: We should 'fall back' to standard time year-round

Dear Editor:

Hoorah for Pacific standard time!

I was so happy on Oct. 30 to switch from extra light at night to one more hour of morning light.

As we move through the fall into winter, how I appreciate that morning light as the days get darker. 

By midwinter the sun is up by 8 a.m. so there is light for children to get to school safely.

If we had remained on daylight time we would only see sunrise at 9 a.m. in midwinter.

Not just my health and happiness is at stake with this proposed change to daylight time throughout the year, but also the safety of many pedestrians  venturing out early on the dark mornings with no sun before 9 a.m.

Daylight time may save light on summer nights but it will make mornings darker in winter when light is most needed.

Lois Keen
North Vancouver

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