Letter: QAnon-aligned ‘freedom mega rally’ a sign Vancouver has become a hub for dangerous ideas

The Editor,

Re: “Thousands of protestors expected at 'freedom mega rally' this weekend in Vancouver

There has been much in the news lately about conspiracy theorists so I am shocked and appalled that the Vancouver Police Department would allow a demonstration which spreads hate, and false conspiracy theories about the government. I believe in freedom of speech but supporting groups that align themselves with QAnon to spread their lies is the equivalent of allowing the KKK to march through Vancouver protesting racial equality.

Obviously, Vancouver has become a regular "hub" for protests due to the lack of regulations regarding protests.

In your article, you write, “This time around, Kulbuba is coordinating car convoys for protestors travelling into Vancouver for the large-scale demonstration.”

It is my belief that he is an opportunist spreading hate and false conspiracy theories and should be sent back from where he comes. Vancouver has enough problems without having imports setting up camp to spread dangerous and stupid philosophies.

Linda Krenn, Port Moody

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