Giving greens

The Bowen Island Golf Course continues to be a local gem

The members of the Bowen Island Golf Association, circa 1998, and a great many other non-members deserve never-ending thanks for their belief in and financial support of our initiative. Without this support our community would not have such a beautiful, public golf course.

The association’s ability to turn a 77-year-old dream of a nine-hole public course into a reality was only possible due to the generosity of more than 600 community members who donated  more than $3 million, a feat many thought impossible, to build without any government financial support, an award-winning public amenity, the success and benefits of which far surpassed everyone’s expectations. Much to the association’s good fortune, those and other caring community members continue to provide their ongoing patronization and financial support for this highly popular, much needed recreational amenity, which as a bonus, has become one of the most popular social melting spots on the island.

Not only at this special time of year, but all year long, we greatly appreciate and give thanks for the incredible amount of past, present and future volunteerism, which in concert with our dedicated small but highly effective paid staff enabled us in 2019 to complete our 13th year of operation, giving us confidence in knowing this reality will one day be 77 years old!

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