It's a gingerbread world in the Sweet Stand's Grouse Mountain Gingerbread Village submission

By the looks of her suitcase, Holly Elf sure likes to travel. 

Holly’s frosted journeys are the subject of the Sweet Stand’s 2019 entry for the Grouse Mountain Gingerbread Village Challenge, a fundraiser for B.C. Children’s Hospital.

“We’re so honoured to have been asked to participate again this year, B.C. Children’s Hospital is such an important and vital place for many families and by creating a gingerbread house and doing what we do, in turn we’re able to raise awareness and funds for all of the amazing work they do there,” said Sweet Stand owners Burle Konopa and Jess Skett  in an email. 

Last year the local bakers created a scene from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for the competition, a feat that required computer-aided 3D designs.

This year the competition theme was “all around the world.”

“So we came up with idea to create our gingerbread structure as a suitcase to mimic Holly Elf’s (the suitcase owner) travels around the world taking photos and collecting little souvenirs, as she makes her way back to the North Pole for the holidays.”

Other entries in this year’s Gingerbread Village Challenge include a Wall-E gingerbread figure and an Arc de Triomphe.

Online voting and a panel of celebrity judges determine the winner. The voting ends Jan. 5. To vote or donate to B.C. Childrens’ Hospital click here.

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