The Hearth's interactive new show is Emily van Lidth de Jeude's change/able

Looking at Emily van Lidth de Jeude’s work I am struck by this expression from an open, independent, creative mind. She is a child of the island. Emily grew up free in a nurturing community exposed to nature, visual art, music, theatre and writing. Since I returned here 20 years ago, I have been amazed by the accomplished young people who have reaped the benefits of the island and are expressing it in their chosen fields. 

Emily’s work is cutting-edge. Last summer I took international artist Evelyn Roth to visit Emily’s studio. She was blown away by the strong, exciting, work of this emerging talent. Emily understands form, colour and ideas.

September 18 to October 20, the Gallery at Cove Commons will be showing change/able––current work by Emily van Lidth de Jeude with a sound installation by her friend about us.

The change/able show offers possibilities. When you enter the gallery, there are gloves to put on, and a choice: this way or that way. The installation’s walls are filled with Emily’s paintings and you are free to rearrange them. 

Emily grew up on Bowen Island before leaving at 17 to travel, work, and study. She was kicked out of the Royal Academy in the Hague, Netherlands, before returning to B.C. to study arts and sciences, finally receiving her BFA from ECUAD. She then moved back to Bowen Island and threw herself fully into parenting, volunteering, and teaching, following her passion for explorative learning and play as she unschooled her two children and developed various local programs. Now in her 40’s, Emily has spent half her life as an explorative learning facilitator and educator, and finally has created an installation based purely on exploration. 

This is a show that will appeal to all ages. Bring your children in and keep up the Bowen tradition.  The opening reception is 6 to 8 p.m. September 21. 

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