No adults allowed: kids-only shopping day returns to Knick Knack Nook Sunday

It’s that time of year again! Get in the holiday spirit and bring your children, aged three to 12, to the Knick Knack Nook for the special Children’s Holiday Shopping afternoon. This event is as much fun for the KKN volunteers as it is for the children. 

The Children’s Holiday Shopping Day is an annual event. This is our eighth year and it is bigger and better than ever. Join us on Sunday, December 15 from  noon to 2 p.m. The store will be closed to adult shoppers for the entire day.

The Nook will be full of special items thoughtfully chosen throughout the year with the children in mind. 

When the children arrive, they will be met at the door by a volunteer who will assist them with their selections. Older children can shop on their own if desired. Parents are asked to wait outside where there will be refreshments of hot punch, cookies and a fire pit to provide essential fortification against the weather. We will have two tents outside in case it rains. 

We ask that parents talk to their children about the pleasures of giving and choosing gifts for the special people in their lives, with the intention that each child will come with a small list of the people they would like to buy gifts for. If you have more than one child participating we ask that each child be provided with their own money. It is difficult for the children to try and hide gifts that they are purchasing for their siblings if they have to line up and pay together.

Happy Holidays from the Nook!

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